The Five Cities Economic Development Authority was legally established as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) in May, 1998 by the cities of Fowler, Parlier, Reedley, Sanger and Selma. For about a year prior to the formal adoption the Southeast County City Managers had been meeting and developing a strategy to cooperatively approach economic development. In 2004 the JPA expanded with the official inclusion of Fresno County as a member. The City of Kingsburg joined in2006 and on September 27,2010 the City of Orange Cove became the eighth partner in the JPA. The unincorporated community of Del Rey does have an ad-hoc/nonĀ­voting participation with the JPA.

The Five Cities Economic Development Authority has been recognized by the League of California Cities and the California Association for Local Economic Development as a model of cities working together.


The Purpose of the Five Cities Economic Development Authority is to:

  • provide staff resources, personnel and expertise to assist the Member Agencies to
  • develop local economic development resources;
  • establish cooperative relationships for the planning of allocation of resources;
  • to pursue legislation that assist local governments economic develop efforts;
  • to pursue funds (grants) for economic development within our JPA;
  • to implement the Regional Economic Development Program and strategies